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Example of Adjectives
Example of Negative Feelings Adjectives
Example of Positive Adjectives
Example of Condition Adjectives
Example of Taste & Touch Adjectives
Example of Quantity Adjectives
Example of Size Adjectives
Example of Sound Adjectives
Example of Appearance Adjectives
Example of Time Adjectives
Example of Shape Adjectives
Good feelings Adjectives

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Examples of Adjectives

Beautiful Woman.
Examples of Appearance Adjectives.

Woman Driving a Car
Examples of Condition Adjectives.

A Red Love Heart.
Examples of Good Feeling Adjectives.

Frowny Face
Examples of Negative Feeling Adjectives.

Albert Einstein.
Examples of Positive Adjectives.

Examples of Quantity Adjectives.

Different Shapes
Examples of Shape Adjectives.

Measurement Unit
Examples of Size Adjectives.

Sound Icon
Examples of Sound Adjectives.

Delicious Coffee
Examples of Taste and Touch Adjectives.

Local Time
Examples of Time Adjectives.


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