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Business to business letter requesting permission to use copyright materials

This is a statutorily defined document.

Copyright material is intellectual property, and is legally actionable.

Use of copyright materials is sometimes very sensitive. Intellectual property laws are very much in favor of the owners of copyright, and you're strongly advised to be extremely careful in the use of any non original materials.

It's very important to be specific about which materials you're requesting the right to use, and in what context.

Do not, ever, use any other copyright materials on the basis of an implied permission from the copyright owner, even if the permission seems to allow it.

Written permission must be obtained, prior to any use of copyright works.

Use only the materials specifically referred to in the letter of permission.

It is advisable to forward to the copyright owner a pre publication /distribution copy of materials to allow any objections to be made.

Note: When using copyright materials, accreditation to the copyright owner must be given.

Any use of materials outside terms of permission could be actionable.

As you can see from the example below, the copyright owner is fully briefed on the intended use, place of publication / distribution and the context in which their materials are used.



Your Reference
Our Reference


Request for permission to use copyright materials

I refer to materials contained in your book The East Is Still Red.

Our company is currently compiling a list of references to business models and business issues in Asia. We would like to use selections from your book (see attached references to specific materials) on our website, GlobalAsiaBiz.com.

The intention is to use accredited quotes from your book as per the references, as parts of our analytical works and editorial features. Please see attached draft, incorporating a quote from the chapter Chinese Business Models, as a guide.

We will supply you with pre publication drafts of materials for your approval. No materials will be published without your prior written permission.

Please advise your terms of permission for use of these materials, and any charges or fees you propose payable for their use.



Please note:

  • This text is intended for advisory and guideline purposes only.
  • Any business letter can become a legal document, so check your content properly before issuing.
  • Any executable or statutorily defined document should be checked for compliance with legal requirements, and you should seek legal advice regarding its contents.

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