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Letter requesting to borrow a vehicle

Mark VanCar
Hometown MI

Dear Mark

I have a favor to ask but before I do, please understand that in no way will my feelings be hurt if you can't oblige.

Mary and I have a lot of household stuff we need to take to our summer place at the lake; nothing huge, but a lot of boxes of small things such as dishes, lamps and blankets. Everything would just fit in one trip with a van like the one in your driveway.

If it would be possible, we would appreciate the use of your van to make one round trip to the lake. We are very flexible on date and time, and whatever conditions you have are fine. We would be happy to pay a mileage charge to reimburse you for the use of the vehicle; can I suggest 25 cents a mile?

And we would also be happy to invite you and Sue to use the place some weekend. The fishing is great and the sunsets are beautiful.

Bob Martel

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