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Example of Gymnosperms

Gymnosperms are an ancient class of seed plants, related to the pre dinosaur era flora, and are believed to have originated in the late Carboniferous Period, about 360 million years ago. This class includes cycads, confers gnetophytes and ginkgoes. In the form of conifers, a class including pines, firs, cypresses and gymnosperms remain one of the dominant types of plant on Earth, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the biggest plants on earth, like the sequoia, aka the Giant Redwood, which is a type of cypress, are gymnosperms.

Examples of Gymnosperms:

Chinese pine
Blue Atlas
Cedar of Lebanon
Ginkgo biloba
Cycas Revoluta

Image Example of Gymnosperms:

kauri cone.

Picea glauca (White Spruce) needles.

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